On Friday [4/29], I first read the Consent Calendar item 15.b. on today’s [5/3] agenda that lists the law firm:

Consultant to provide professional legal services related to the 5th High School (Portola High School) and additional testing required by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).
March 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016   Fee not to exceed $20,000.

I wondered what this was for.  That mystery was solved until yesterday afternoon, when I received a polite letter from that law firm.

The second paragraph begins:

“Based upon my discussions with IUSD representatives, as well as my review of various correspondence from you spanning a long period of time regarding the Portola High School property, it is clear that you have continued with a series of false and misleading accusations and pronouncements regarding IUSD, its consultants, and the Portola High School property.”

Is this supposed to intimidate me?  Is there an implied threat here?  Is that what our taxpayer dollars are now being used for?

It goes on to say:  “IUSD has made its best effort to address your inquiries and concerns.” And if what we’ve seen is your best effort, then it’s a mighty poor effort.

The letter goes on for two pages of bloviated nonsense misreading the California Public Records Act that, I’m sure, sucked away a big stack of dollar bills from us taxpayers.

So IUSD will spend $20k to fight me rather than just openly providing to the public information that should never be secret. That $20k could have been used to drill 20 more test wells.

Is this the example you’re setting for your students?  This is teaching them how to be honest citizens?  You are displaying the worst characteristics of a totally thoughtless (I’m being kind, here) Board, engaging in more and more deception.  If one wanted to write an essay on how to make a bad situation far, far worse, taking every possible opportunity to make things worse, you would be the expert co-authors.

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